Kristin Berardi has received many awards both nationally and internationally, however it really is in hearing her that you gain a sense of why she is one of Australia's best jazz vocalists.  



Live gig in April 2018 in NYC with Ingrid Jensen, Miro Sprague, Marty Jaffe



2017 - Kristin Berardi & James Sherlock - I’m Glad There Is You (self release)

2016 - The Kristin Berardi Band - Just As You Are (self release/distribution MGM) Purchase here

2015 - Kristin Berardi - Where Or When (ABC Jazz)Purchase here

- Berardi/Karlen/Foran - Hope In My Pocket (Pinnicles Music) Purchase here

2013- Kristin Berardi & James Sherlock- I Guess I’ll Hang My Tears Out To Dry (self release) Purchase here

2012 - Galaxstare - A Time, Times and Half A Time (Jazzhead) Purchase here
- Spike Mason Rilke Project - Widening Circles Purchase here

2011 - KB & the Jazzgroove Mothership Orchestra - Kristin Berardi Meets the Jazzgroove Mothership Orchestra (JazzHead) Purchase here

2010 - Jon Gordon Nonet - Evolution (Artist Share) Purchase here

2009 - Kristin Berardi & James Sherlock - If You Were There (Pinnacles) Purchase here
- The Richard Maegraith Band - Free Running (Jazzgroove) Purchase here

2008 - The Kristin Berardi Band - The Kristin Berardi Band (Jazzhead) Purchase here

2006 - Kristin Berardi & James Sherlock - Kristin Berardi & James Sherlock (Pinnacles)

2005 - Leo McFadden & Kristin Berardi - Up Til Now (Pinnacles)

2004 - geman’i - geman’i (Pinnacles)

2003 - West End Composers Collective - Downstream (Pinnacles)